13 March 2009

Hijab Fashion For 40 Plus Women

(^OK, I know she's not 40 lol..^)
My mum's always asking me how her outfit looks on her and if its too young or too old etc etc She generally wears long skirts and blouses/knitwear with a Turkish style hijab and I think she dresses well for her age :D I was chatting to her about fashion today and decided to do a post on hijab fashion for women over 40. As always, the hijab don'ts come first:

Sickly cute pink:
Please don't go for the sweet little girly look at forty, it's just wrong for anyone over 10 actually.

80's Acid wash denim

It's like they say, if your wore the trend the first time, don't wear it the second time it comes into fashion - stick to dark denim whether it's a skirt or jeans.

Bold, bright prints

Subtle tones are far more flattering as you get older.

What to wear:

Tailored jackets work really well with a long flowing skirt by balancing the bottom half out while keeping it feminine . What's more, jackets are right on trend:
Instead of the immature pink up top, this is a much more grown up and classy look with a great jacket making it perfect for formal occasions:

If you like wearing prints there's nothing to stop you, just wear one statement piece and make sure the rest of your outfit is simple. I love this!

Here, the statement piece is her hijab, I love it! Speaking of this look, make sure you invest in a fabulous coat that suits you and your style. If you get it right, it will bring any outfit right up to date. I would recommend a trench coat like the one in the photo - they are timeless classics that will last you for years and come in practically every colour and length you can dream of!

Long skirts
I know a lot of women over 40 wear jeans, which is fine but I'm basing this on my mums wardrobe which contains about a million different long skirts lol.

Here are two skirt outfits I made that I think would be perfect outfits for 40+ hijabies:

Summer Skirt


These are a hijabies best friend whatever her age is and whoever said cardigans are only for granny's is a prune, because they have been on trend for years and will always have a place in fashion. M&S has a range of good quality cardigans that are great for hijabies, here are some of my picks:


Anonymous said...

Very nice combinations sis, I will show them all to my mother :)

M.J. said...

good tips!

washi said...

Jazakallah khair Zaenab - you're right I'm far too old for that sickly pink LOL

Celeritas said...

As I work in a professional environment and want to look a bit older than I am (mid-20s) this is great advice for me too.

Celeritas said...

As I work in a professional environment and want to look a bit older than I am (mid-20s) this is great advice for me too.

Anonymous said...

salam... uhm... actually, if you look like that model, it's fine to wear sickly girly pink after 10 lol.. EVEN AT 40. There's something adorable and amazing about an older woman who is fit and good looking to wear girly girly clothes!

This applies to bold colours too. A tip is to not overwhelm your clothes into one bright pink or bold color. Maybe have a dark brown outfit, with a bold turquoise hijab instead of both clothes and hijab in bold turquoise.

An older woman may not want to wear girly pink or bold colors every day, but doing so once in a while is refreshing for a change! ;)


Anonymous said...

being in my mid-40s it is simply great to read this entry of yours. great idea! love it, thanks dear. Zumaira