08 March 2009

Outfit Ideas - Hajj and Umrah

It's important to get your hajj/umrah outfit right otherwise you might get too hot or uncomfortable and sorting out your hijab that's slipping from your head or wishing you had worn socks when you realise how many people are walking around bare foot are the last things you want to be thinking about. For me, this sort of outfit was the most comfortable for Umrah (I've not yet done hajj so I don't know what would be the easiest but I'm assuming a few outfits like this would suffice)

Where to get them:
Abaya - Shukr
Linen Trousers - Oli
Top - Dorothy Perkins
Hijab - Hijab Store Online
Flats - Topshop (you can get them for about 3 pounds from Primark though!)

For more ideas click here to see a previous post.


Mishu said...

As-salamu 'alaikom~

I have the princess dress in linen, and several of Shukr's cotton tunics ... the sleeve style and material weight are definitely not what I would want on hajj, personally.

Anonymous said...

ZAENAB!!!! very very very kewl idea! I would never have thought of this. Are you going to umraa?


Zaenab said...

essenceoftimeandearth: thanks! :D hopefully i will be going this year sometime, insha'Allah but im not sure :S